Walnut. Didn’t crack it – didn’t taste it

Today, walnut kernels are the raw material for the manufacturing of many food products

We deliver nuts of the best brand to the European countries, sorted, using the latest equipment

As for today, walnut kernels are used as raw materials for the production of many food goods. The walnut fruit contains a large amount of proteins, fats and amino acids. In culinary practice walnut is used for the confectionary manufacturing, and it occupies a worthy place among the nuciferous plants due to its health benefits.

According to experts, deficit of walnuts in the EU countries is about 100 thousand tons. Despite the obvious problem of meeting the demand for this product, our company occupies a stable position in this market.

Walnuts supply from Ukraine to the EU countries is a part of IMARTI business that cooperates with the largest enterprises, which among other things use walnut oil or its crushed kernel for needs of the confectionery industry