Among the Millet

IMARTI company manufactures millet and supplies this product to the EU and the CIS countries 

The exclusively natural ingredients, i.e. millet grown in natural conditions, are used for the production of this cereal

Groats made from millet grains, have excellent nutritional properties and contain large amount of protein compounds. This is why millet is considered a nutritious and healthy food. Product is made according to the European Union Environmental Standards, therefore there are no extraneous toxic inclusions in it.

Modern agricultural technology of growing millet allows to produce both organic and “traditional” cleaned grains which are the “raw material” for millet groats production. Bioproducts of plant origin are grown in natural conditions but without use of any artificial fertilizers.


Millet does not contain gluten - a protein found in almost all cereal crops, which makes this groats accessible to people who suffer from intolerance to this substance

Fulfillment of the obligations in a proper way favours high goodwill of our company

With our help you will be able to buy millet

IMARTI produces millet groats and supply it to the European Union countries. For cultivation of environmentally friendly millet special seeds are used that have not been processed with synthetic compounds. 

Healthy fertile soil, absence of herbicides and pesticides, use of exclusively organic substances as fertilizers, professional control of all production stages - these factors allow to fulfill all the conditions necessary to obtain a quality certificate.